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#DongleMadness Andy EF Review Tour.

Disclaimer: I am not a long-time audio enthusiast. I found this Audiophile group for months ago by accident while looking for PS4 CD games and suddenly got hooked. So, you can take my impression with a grain of salt.

Andy.EF has given me the opportunity to test some of his valued dongle, Ovidius B1, Luxury & Precision W2 ,ZOOAUX USB C. So, I would like to share my impression on these Dongle with addition of CX-PRO.


IMO, B1 is the best dongle that I have listen so far. Far better than L&P W2. CX-PRO would be the budget option, but it has less power and sound paler than B1. L&P W2 is warmer, and it enhanced bass make the vocal recessed a bit. ZOOAUX is unable to be powered by LG G6, so further test is needed.

When I first auditioned the B1, I didn’t notice any outstanding about it. It is when I swapped to L&P W2 and CX-PRO, I found the true strength of B1.

If you are thinking on getting a 5 Star dongle, saved up some money and get the B1. You will get your money worth.

B1 cons, however, is that it doesn’t have any balanced output. But I believe B1 nuclear power may able to outperformed other dongle Balanced power, but that’s up to Andy EF to confirm this up.


LG G6, Tidal Master, Moondrop SSR, Tanchjim Tanya, Kbear Neon + 45 Ohm Adapter. All in Single Ended as I don’t have any Balanced cable with me.

Ovidius B1

Vocal is more harmonious, instead of being one plus one. Super crisp bass. Super delicious guitar. You can hear the difference type of drum. Nuclear Power! Seriously this get significantly louder compared to the other dongles.

Luxury &Precision W2

More meaty bass. Bass is more prominent than vocal. I miss the crisp of B1.  The guitar is not as delicious as in B1. More fun in listening, more relaxing. Noticeable Noise Floor. The violin is meatier, like a fat boy coming to slap on my face.


My LG G6 unable to fully power the thing. At full maximum volume, it cannot reach my desired volume. Maybe USB 3.2 should be able to judge the thing better. So due to the limitation of my setup, I withdraw from giving bias assessment.

CX-PRO C31993

For me, CX-PRO is like a budget B1. You can get the budget Quality of B1, but with less power. B1 power is seriously Nuclear. CX-PRO sounds pale in comparison to B1.

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