JCally JA3

DAC Chip: Conexant (Synaptics) CX31993 (Single)
PCM 32bit – 384khz, SNR: -117dB, Power: Unspecified, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: YES), 5g, Aluminum Chassis, NO Cable.


TTGK App clearly revealed that JA3 is in fact JM6 in a different package


  • Clean neutral and natural timbre
  • Great coherent dynamics
  • Great Treble textures and extensions with polished smooth decays
  • Strong Mid-Bass responses, richly textured density and decays
  • Neutral Mids slightly intimate, richly textured and smooth.
  • Mild Sub-Bass with smooth decays
  • Crisp details retrieval, highly transparent
  • Realistic toned guitars, cello, percussions, and piano
  • Great speed and transients handling, amazing dexterity
  • Properly sized soundstage, commendably holographic spatial imaging
  • Clean separation of layers with precise placement
  • Great synergy with many type of IEMs/HPs/Earbuds
  • Great on poor quality recordings and Lo-Fi music despite being very transparent
  • Great sibilance resistance all the time
  • Clean black background even on sensitive Hybrids (CVJ CSK)
  • Efficient battery drain


  • Being this cheap, there’s potential QC issue and consistencies. As with many cheap Chifi items
  • No mechanical volume adjuster
  • No Balanced Output
  • Construction and build appearance seems less durable
  • Needed 90/100 volume for normal loudness on T40RP MK3
  • Driving power not as great as others, need higher volume on demanding pairing


JCally JA3. It’s very simple, this is a JCally JM6 without a cable attached to it. Otherwise it is identical internally to JM6 and CX-Pro 31993. And of course despite being direct mount, it sounded exactly like JCally JM6. A great option for those preferring super compact Dongle (which are quite limited even now).


Best Pairing: Anything below 160Ω or above 98db sensitivity.

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