JCally JM04Pro

DAC Chip: Realtek ALC5686 (Single)
PCM 24bit – 384khz, SNR: -125dB, Power: 65mW 32Ω, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: Yes), 12mm, 6g, Aluminum Chassis with SPC Cable



  • Neutral smooth timbre with Mids focus, smooth
  • Vibrant dynamics, fun and groovy, very musical
  • Neat Treble textures with sweet decays, velvety airiness
  • Commanding Mid-Bass with great textures, great extensions, and decay
  • Sub-Bass exhibit decent texture definition, Mids as well
  • Forward, and lush male/female vocals, good depth
  • Great micro details retrieval, nicely nuanced
  • Realistic Piano, Violin, Sax and Cello attack and tones
  • Realistic mild edged guitars and stringed instruments tone
  • Sweet percussion tone, chimes and bells sounded vivid.
  • Stellar speed and attack handling, 250BPM effortlessly, no congestion
  • Impressive sibilance resistance all the time
  • Good imaging, not razor sharp but spatial projection is holographic.
  • Excellent black background with zero floor noise
  • Stellar adaptability to warm or bright IEMs/Headphones
  • Able to drive 69Ω 96db Magnetic Planar with ease! (80/100)
  • PERFECT for EBM and Pop music


  • Not as powerful – limited up to 70Ω for full fidelity.
  • Slight coarseness in the extreme extensions of Treble
  • Lacking a bit of transparency to make it genuinely great unit.
  • Less forgiving on Lo-Fi recordings, can exhibit some harshness.
  • Not an outright technical sounding unit
  • Soundstage narrower than ideal


JCally JM04Pro. I am surprised! This thing is nothing like the non pro JA04 version. I daresay I like this JM04Pro better than JM20 and CS-Pro 46L41! What makes this JM04Pro great in my POV is the fact it offered the quality of JM20 minus the sheen and glare to the tone that could make intensive listening session fatiguing. In fact, this JM04Pro is sniffing at Lotoo PAW S1/A&K PEE51 territory with its smoothness and musical expression. Yes, it is not as sparkly as JM20, but this also mean it is not as dry analytical as the former – to me it is a BIG plus!. Yes, I know you may think I have lost my mind, what insanity is this to say a $12 Realtek sniffing S1/PEE51 territory? I am just describing what I hear – I harbor no biasedness towards anything, and I love what I heard. IF this JM04Pro would only offer a bit more sharpness and technical competency, a bit more soundstage width and depth, a little more razor-edged imaging, some more driving power up to 150Ω, I say it would probably equal S1 and PEE51. I will no longer recommend JM20, not after hearing JM04Pro which cost half the price of JM20 now.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($12.00)

Best Pairing: Technically adept IEMs/Headphones up to 70Ω

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  1. Arthur says:

    Wich one is better, the VE Avini or this?
    This is a little bit cheaper, but isn’t a deal braker.


    1. Andy.EF says:

      Avani is better but they are quite close already being similar internally


  2. mnbl says:

    Would this donglr power the HE400SE, it has 25 ohm impedance and 91 dB SPL


    1. Andy.EF says:

      No. JM04Pro is 1 Vrms. yes you will still hear usable volume but it will be like 70% of what HE400SE potential. At least a 2 Vrms dongle is needed


  3. Roé says:

    JM04pro compared with CX-Pro, which one does better in your opinion


    1. Andy.EF says:

      It’s not about which one better. It’s about what sort of sound signature you prefer more. JM04Pro offers smoother dynamics and can be regarded as “warmer” as how many people would describe it, CX-Pro in comparison will appear drier and flatter neutral. It depends a lot on what you will be pairing them with as well


  4. Mihau says:

    I had to listen Cobalt – sounds great, love synergy with dt990 pro, but overpriced. So I tried Haa Fee – as good as cobalt, but mids are recessed too much compared to Cobalt. After that I tried jm04 pro – still great, mids little closer, but still recessed, too warm and too bassy. Any idea what should I buy?


    1. Andy.EF says:

      It’s your money, buy what you like. Cobalt is so colored and sludge sounding for my taste, HAA FEE is truer to being neutral. JM04Pro is miles ahead better than Cobalt will ever be. Again, just buy whatever pleases you, it’s your ears not mine


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