Effective July 2023, AndyAudioVault and #donglemadness will be 100% running from YouTube only. This site will cease to exist beyond July 2023.

The cost of maintaining this site is something beyond my ability to sustain. I thank you for your patronage and please continue to support my YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/@donglemadness/videos

15 March 2023. The amazing evolution of iBasso Sound
24 Feb 2023. The new KING of #donglemadness
26 April 2022. Fosi Audio K5 Pro Mini Stereo Gaming DAC
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New Updates

24 April 2023, FiiO KA5 Full Review
7 April 2023, FiiO Q11 Full Review!
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Best of 2022, my top 5 picks for Dongles and IEMs

IEMs Reviews

AndyEFAudiovault is also actively doing reviews for IEMs, Headphones and other related Audio Gears, especially portables.

The majority of my IEMs reviews are published at Head-Fi

Upcoming Dongles

Incoming Reviews

  • Creative Sound Blaster G3
  • FiiO KA1
  • Venture Electronics PRIME DAC
  • Venture Electronics RUNABOUT Pure Amp
  • SIMGOT Shark EW100P

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