Vention Type-C Gold

DAC Chip: Undisclosed
PCM Undisclosed, SNR: Undisclosed, Power: Undisclosed, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: YES), 5g Aluminum Chassis, OFC Cable



  • Timbre is clean and clear neutral flat, slightly sparkly overtones
  • Mids focused, slightly intimate
  • Mild dynamics
  • Mid-Bass is punchy with fast attack and decays (on DDs)
  • Mild Sub-Bass seismic response with soft decays
  • Average sized soundstage
  • Decent imaging with distinct spatial positioning
  • Great synergy with Moondrop Aria
  • Great speed handling and congestion resistance
  • Good pairing with HZSOUND Heart Mirror
  • Great for modern music and POP, EBM


  • Driving power maxed out below 100Ω and with no less than 96d sensitivity.
  • Lean and metallic sounding for technical Balanced Armature (ER4SR)
  • Lean dynamics when paired with Magnetic Planar (TIN HiFi P1)
  • Lean dynamics paired with VE Monk GO
  • Treble performance is average with slight coarse edge
  • Less than black background


Vention Type-C Gold. This time I got it right. My first purchase of Vention Type-C was a mistake as it was designed to work only with Huawei phones. This one however works with all phones and PC.

I must admit I was not impressed with what I heard. With my beloved Etymotic ER4SR, the sound was thin and metallic. Bass performance was meek and uninspiring. Similarly, my even more finicky TIN HiFi P1 Magnetic Planar exhibited lean dynamics with overly mild performances across the frequencies. Lastly it was not great as well with VE Monk GO. So from these findings I can only conclude that this dongle was never meant to drive anything with high impedance or low sensitivity. And it should not be paired with anything demanding.

The saving grace for this Dongle, my duo of Moondrop Aria and HZSOUND Heart Mirror. Both of which are highly sensitive and runs low impedance. Aria exhibited tight and fast bass performances with rich textures, Heart Mirror responded similarly with the dynamics finally felt engaging and musical. However there’s an issue with slight coarseness for Treble edges which is more evident with the Heart Mirror. On top of that the background exhibited less than clean blackness. Personally despite the positives with the DD IEMs, I am less inclined to use this dongle beyond this point, the lack of synergy with my ER4SR (which is my No.1 choice) sealed it for me.

⭐⭐ ($4.50)

Best Pairing: Sensitive Dynamic Drivers IEM below 70Ω

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