Stouchi Type-C

DAC Chip: Undisclosed
PCM 24bit – 96khz, SNR: Undisclosed, Power: Unknown , USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: YES), Aluminum Chassis, OFC Cable



  • Timbre is clean and clear neutral flat, with sparkly, airy overtones
  • Solid and crisp Treble with swishy decays, decent extensions
  • Mid-Bass is fast with equally snappy decays
  • Great Mids with ample texture and definition, naturally toned
  • Excellent tonality for percussions and instruments
  • Natural sounding guitars and stringed instruments
  • Decently sized soundstage to not sound closed in
  • Commendable handling of Macro Details
  • Great pairing with Moondrop Aria & HZSOUND Heart Mirror, very polished and tidy output
  • Able to drive TIN HiFi P1 at 85/100 for normal level listening


  • Slightly thin and lean dynamics
  • Sub-Bass presence barely audible
  • Layer separation not as sharp with just decent transparency
  • Micro Details retrieval was not great
  • Metallic and dry timbre especially on BA IEM (Etytmotic ER4SR)
  • Spatial imaging mildly focused on Left/Right, front imaging almost unfelt
  • Driving power limited to 95db the lowest and no higher than 70Ω
  • Below average speed handling, gets fuzzy and then congested on complex passages
  • No hardware volume adjuster


Stouchi Type-C. Generally a very clean sounding dongle. There’s healthy amount of airy presentation in the timbre and with generous sparkle that’s not overly done. However does not synergize well with my Etymotic ER4SR (BA), VE Monk GO (DD) and TIN HiFi P1 (Planar Magnetic) as the output sounded thin and slightly metallic with mild dynamics, the staging was focused heavily on Left/Right imaging. With P1 it was actually a bit more decent as it does not sound as lean as it was with the ER4SR and Monk GO.

The negatives with ER4SR, Monk GO and P1 was all mitigated with the pairing of Moondrop Aria and HZSOUND Heart Mirror. Even the soundstage seems to have corrected itself to spread better with more presence to the front. Piano, Cello and Jazz instruments sounded natural and organic. Aria and Heart Mirror loving this Stouchi a lot! On Aria bass performance was tightened and refined, on Heart Mirror Treble was smooth and lush with vibrant airy dynamics.

Stouchi turned out to be a unit that will perform great with sensitive Dynamic Drivers IEM. Would have scored higher had it been able to synergize better with the ER4SR, Monk GO and P1. The saving grace were the Aria and Heart Mirror. Other factors need to be considered as well, Micro Details retrieval was not good enough despite great with Macro Details. I have a feeling that the tuning for this Stouchi was solely focused for dynamic driver IEMs.

⭐⭐⭐ ($14.98)

Best Pairing: Sensitive Dynamic Drivers IEM below 70Ω

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