DAC Chip: Undisclosed
PCM 44.1bit – 192khz, SNR: -100db, Power: 100 mW, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: NO), 11g Aluminum Chassis, OFC Cable. Digital SPDIF Optical Options



  • Faithfully flat neutral timbre, natural and well balanced
  • Well rounded and controlled dynamics, great coherence
  • Treble is crisp and smooth with silky polished decays, great extensions
  • Mids slightly forward and richly textured with realistic tonality
  • Commanding, fast Mid-Bass response with visceral texture, realistic decays
  • Soothing Sub-Bass presence with smooth nuanced decays
  • Realistic guitar and stringed instruments tone, polished edge
  • Great balance between technical and musical ability
  • Wide spaced soundstage with good imaging
  • Well nuanced details retrieval, great transparency
  • Great speed and transients, will not get muddy
  • Stellar resistances to sibilance, very forgiving on Lo-Fi recordings
  • Drives Magnetic Planars 75/100 Volume, great fidelity
  • Great resistance to heating even used for long hours
  • Does not drain host battery too fast
  • Breathtaking synergy with HZSOUND Heart Mirror & Moondrop Aria


  • Driving power maxed out below 100Ω and with no less than 96d sensitivity.
  • Very slightly left/right oriented staging, but not a deal breaker
  • Spatial imaging not as holographic
  • Not as euphonic for those preferring aggressive dynamics
  • No user selectable gain options, no adaptive gain as well


REIYIN DA-03. This is one very neutral and balanced DAC/Amp. Dynamics wise it is not aggressive, however it was able to drive Magnetic Planars with richly bodied neutral timbre. Bass, Mids and Treble all exhibited exemplary coherence to not overshadow each other. It does not sound lean, there’s enough meat to make listening to demanding low sensitivity IEMs and Headphones enjoyable. Not forgetting the clean and pristine output that’s consistent throughout the entire spectrum. On top of that speed and resolution is definitely up there with the top performers. No hint of sluggishness or digital compressions on complex passages or speedy transients.

Despite not being a powerhouse for driving capabilities, this REIYIN DA-03 was able to present full bodied sound even if the volume pushed to almost maximum (on demanding IEMs/HPs). Coherence was adeptly maintained and there’s no evidence of strain or distortion due to unsavory loudness. This factor scores high on my POV.

In the background, there’s no hint of floor noises audible to human ears even with the super sensitive 122db Moondrop Aria.

REIYIN DA-03 moments of glory is when paired with HZSOUND Heart Mirror and Moondrop Aria. On Heart Mirror the highs are mesmerizingly crisp and textured with matured finesse, the mids lush and engaging, the lows with deep vibrant response, the details crisply nuanced. I was floored with the synergy. The airy dynamics and energy of Heart Mirror blended seamlessly with REIYIN DA-03 coherent attributes. Simply outstanding. On Aria, bass deftly controlled with great dexterity. Deep, impactful, richly textured and the presences of Sub-Bass enhanced better. Highs are super smooth and lush. Cymbal splashes, no matter how aggressive was never sibilant. Mids remained neutral as with Aria native signature of being soft U curve. However on my VE Monk GO, it was great but not exactly spectacular, the overall tonality was not as spot on with the Heart Mirror and Aria. My summary on this aspect, REIYIN DA-03 shines the best with sensitive DD IEMs and the fidelity offered was nothing short of mind blowing.

All things considered, ultimately the matured and disciplined sonic characteristics (especially with efficient IEMs) convinced me that this REIYIN DA-03 deserve a spot among the top performers.

⭐⭐⭐½ ($27.50)

Best Pairing: Sensitive Dynamic Drivers IEM below 100Ω

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