Glotao Type-C

DAC Chip: Undisclosed
PCM 24bit – 96kHz, SNR: Undisclosed, Power: Undisclosed, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: YES), Metal Chassis & SPC Cable



  • Analogue neutral timbre, flat dry sounding
  • Relaxed and well controlled dynamics
  • Crisp and pronounced Treble with equally crisp decays
  • Naturally placed Mids with neutral tonality, realistic vocals
  • Realistic tone for percussions and guitars
  • Commanding and fast Mid-Bass
  • Decently sized Soundstage
  • Decent speed and transients


  • Does not work with iOS
  • Overall dry and mildly bright upper segment
  • Left/Right focused spatial imaging
  • Does not respond well to Lo-Fi and poor recordings
  • Grainy, coarse edged Treble and Treble decays
  • Sub-Bass barely audible
  • Hazy separation lines between layers
  • Weak driving power, outright anemic with Magnetic Planars and Balanced Armatures
  • Amazon only release
  • May suffer from QC issues, if you are lucky you get a great copy, with $11 there has to be a compromise since this is not a bespoke handmade unit, it is an assembly line product, probably with near zero QC (just like tons of other ultra budget Dongles)


Glotao. There’s not much to talk about this unit as it is generally below average performer that sounds best paired with low impedance and high sensitivity natively warm sounding DD IEMs or Earbuds. The tests I have done so far exhibited poor synergy with anything of bright neutral signature. This Glotao only sounded decent with Moondrop Aria and VE Asura, even so the grainy edged Treble was still evident. Tonality wise is great though, sounded naturally analogue with just minor hint of brightness.

All these were ultimately confirmed with further tests using Shure KSE1500, Etymotic ER4SR, HZSOUND Heart Mirror and FOSTEX T40RP MK3 – it was a galore of harsh edged highs. Hard to enjoy that at any length.

⭐⭐ ($11.00)

Best Pairing: Warm IEMs/Earbuds under 70Ω

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