DSD.3D SigmaTel

DAC Chip: SigmaTel 7523CQ (Single)
PCM 32bit – 384khz DSD128, SNR: -102dB, Power: 20mW 32Ω , USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: Unspecified), 90mm, 6g, Aluminum Chassis with SPC Cable



  • Organic and analogue timbre with balanced neutral tonality
  • Relaxed dynamics, perhaps too relaxed
  • Balanced Mids with acceptable texture and definition, natural toned Male/Female vocals
  • Smooth Treble with soft decays
  • Fast, impactful Mid-Bass
  • Decent Sub-Bass with mild decays
  • Realistic sounding percussions (chimes, bells) and drums and taps
  • Decent soundstage with good depth and placement.
  • Great sibilance resistance even on peaky songs
  • Very forgiving on Lo-Fi and lower quality sources
  • Good for modern music


  • Weak driving power
  • Exhibited some floor noises.
  • Lacked sparkle even on the natively sparkly Heart Mirror.
  • Dull edged guitars and percussions
  • Tame and flat dynamics compared to the rest within the same category.
  • On complex passages, exhibited congestion and the presentation gets outright muddy.


DSD-3D SigmaTel. This unit is clearly not intended to be used with anything above 32Ω. Driving Tin HiFi P1 it was audibly struggling to sound decent with flat and weak dynamics (volume at 90/100 to 100/100). Halfway through the test, I switched to my HZSOUND Heart Mirror hoping that a less punishing IEM would be better. Nope, even with the easy to drive Heart Mirror this one needed 75 to 80/100 to attain some semblance of life. I decided to stop the test for this one early, was not able to get the excitement I seek. This DSD-3D SigmaTel was not able to shine as how the sibling from the same shop, CX-Pro CX31993 did.

⭐⭐ ($13.00)

Best Pairing: Low impedance IEMs/Headphones not exceeding 32Ω

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