CEntrance DACport HD

DAC Chip: AKM AK4490 + AmpExtreme™ Direct Class-A
PCM 32bit – 384khz, SNR: 7µV RMS, Power: 4.1 Vrms 775mW, Micro USB, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: NO), Aluminum Chassis

Listening Equipment: Etymotic ER4SR, FOSTEX T40RP MK3, 7Hz Timeless, VE Duke, TForce Yuan Li, VE Monk SM, SeeAudio Bravery, Shure KSE1500. Samsung Galaxy S20 (USB 3.0), Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (USB 2.0), HiBy Player (USB Exclusive Mode). FLAC



  • Neutral, natural timbre, analogue-organic, slightly warm-ish
  • Effortlessly realistic dynamics, superb transients density
  • Reference grade coherence, pristine clarity & transparency
  • Neutral Mids, detailed and richly textured, realistic Male/Female vocals
  • Polished smooth Treble, great finesse, depth, extension, and textures
  • Rich & realistically textured Mid-Bass, visceral and smooth decay
  • Deep, smooth Sub-Bass with realistic decay
  • Excellent details retrieval, Macro and Micro
  • Crispy smooth guitar, piano, cello, and instruments, vivid, realistic
  • Natural/realistic percussions (chimes, bells), drums and taps
  • Massive soundstage with great depth, height and spacing
  • Reference grade imaging, razor sharp precision, spacious spatial staging
  • Reference grade speed, zero congestion or compression
  • Completely black background, zero floor noises
  • Devoid of any coarseness or grainy edges, at all frequency
  • Amazing sibilance resistance
  • The most powerful Dongle tested as of September 2021
  • Great synergy with all type of IEMs/HPs/Earbuds
  • Best in class independent rotary volume adjuster, very refined
  • User selectable Gain switch


  • Archaic Micro USB port on Dongle side
  • Available only in 3.5mm Single Ended Audio Out
  • Performs the best connected to a Laptop or USB 3.0 (900mA) capable phones
  • Runs very warm being a true Class A amplifier, equally as warm as Apogee Groove
  • Sucks battery life a lot faster than most dongles (similar to Apogee Groove)


CEntrance DACport HD. When I placed the order for a unit directly from CEntrance over 2 months ago, I was not sure what to expect. There were moments during the wait that I actually forgotten about it altogether. With USPS taking forever to “ship” my DACport HD probably by sea, hahaha.

Well. I must say the wait was worth it. 15 minutes into the first listen and I already knew that DACport HD is a 5 Stars performer. The unmistakable analogue, organic and believable natural timbre, with effortless dynamics exhibiting equally elegant transients. And that power, majestically commanding drive to make my stubborn FOSTEX T40RP MK3 (91db sensitivity Magnetic Planar) sounding like it was driven on a dedicated desktop amp, with better airy dynamics than any Dongles that I have heard from the other 5 Star #donglemadness performers so far. DACport HD does not pretend to be a desktop amp, it actually sounded like one. The sense of ease by which sound reproduced with all available details accounted for, there was no hint of strain or edginess even when tasked with very complex recordings. The output is rich, airy, detailed and with sharp imaging – while retaining the natural signature of T40RPMK3 without any added coloration.

Similar results observed with my longtime favorite, the Etymotic ER4SR – which can sound utterly shitty on poor sources. DACport HD deftly inject lively, soulful musical output through the ER4SR. Gone are the lean and dry timbre ER4SR normally associated with. There’s rich density to the entire spectrum of sound, even in the lower frequencies I can actually appreciate the normally flat Etymotic Bass responses with cleanly defined Sub-Bass and Mid-Bass. Convincing life like attack and decays. On the other side of the spectrum, DACport HD introduced amazing control to keep the highs as sparkly as an Ety could without emitting any unrealistic, metallic or sibilant prone Treble. There’s smoothness to the edges with proper and convincing decays, not overdone nor does it being rolled-off. In fact my ER4SR does not sound sterile as typically a single Knowles BA would sound like. In the middle section. things remain truthfully uncolored. Vocals sounding clean transparent, with varying degree of intimacy depending on how they were recorded and mastered. I am falling in love with my ER4SR all over again, thanks to DACport HD. And yes, not forgetting that my ER4SR seems to actually have proper soundstage! hahahaha.

On the other side of the spectrum, one of the biggest surprise to me is how great DACport HD synergize with stupidly sensitive IEMs. Recently I have acquired and loving the pair of TForce Yuan Li and SeeAudio Bravery. Both of which are neutrally balanced sounding (with warm-ish timbre and tonality) – and both exceedingly sensitive. Both will be hissing like snakes when paired with my longtime favorite the Ovidius B1 and VE Odyssey HD, with less than favorable background exhibiting floor noises especially between silent passages. None of those observed with DACport HD – simply amazing.

Transparency remained consistent with both IEMs, despite DACport HD being an already warm neutral and organic source, both Yuan Li and Bravery retained their native sound without any hint of added warmth (or getting darker).

And the theme consistent with the rest of my gears. Be it VE Duke, VE Monk SM and 7Hz Timeless, all synergize great while retaining their individual traits. DACport HD has the flexibility and agility to work with anything, literally – even with my TOTL IEM the Shure KSE1500 Electrostatics (serving as AUX).

The downside of DACport HD, perhaps just two that I can think of. CEntrance designed and built the DACport HD as a “laptop/desktop” dongle, wasn’t meant to be paired with phones or anything in that manner. But that didn’t stop me from using my DACport HD portably. With HiBy Player app offering USB Exclusive mode (bypassing Android SRC), it is entirely possible to feed the DACportHD with proper 5v 900 mA output from the 3.0 USB Power Delivery (Samsung Galaxy S20) – which is equal to a laptop feed running via ASIO drivers. In fact I was even more surprised that my older Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (USB 2.0 500 mA) worked as great as the Samsung Galaxy S20, I am hard pressed to observe any difference between the two of them. So it is entirely plausible to use DACport HD as true portable Dongle for as long as the power feed taken care of. HOWEVER, these came at the cost of power consumption which is way higher than any of the other 95 Dongles I owned. This is a legitimate Class A device after all. The Samsung Galaxy S20 (4000 mAh Battery) was able to remain alive for 5-6 hours of continuous play, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (2700 mAh Battery) worse at 3-4 hours. But then this is expected and in fact similar to the case of Apogee Groove which drain power as much. No biggie for me, I can use my DACport HD anywhere I go and that is something I thoroughly enjoy for a price I am willing to pay.

Secondly, this thing runs really warm. Being Class A is no joke. Lots of power underneath the hood. Good thing is I am not a fussy user at all. For as long is it will not explode or burn a hole through my pockets (pun intended), I can totally ignore this Cons.

My DACport HD goes with me wherever I go. Pictured with TForce Yuan Li

So how much do I like this DACport HD? simply put this is my absolute personal No.1 now. I have been ignoring the other options I have around me in favor of this unit. I just love everything about this DACport HD. The build, the usability and the sound just clicked to me like a clockwork. CEntrance does know how to make a device intended to allow the listener to enjoy music. Another key factor that I find amazing is how acutely precise and refined the rotary volume adjuster works. I was already a huge fan of this volume adjuster type, something that I have grown to love though my time with the venerable MiniBox E+. Last but not least, the spartan all black finish with CEntrance and DACport HD decals just made the whole package even more exquisite with that professional gadget outlook.

If I am to stop #donglemadness now, I would be totally satisfied that I have found the device that sings to my soul. Just like my lifetime love for Etymotic ER series, Shure KSE 1500, VE Duke, Ovidius B1 and VE Odyssey HD, DACport HD made it to that exclusive spot.

PS: I am considering of getting another unit as a spare, I simply must.

22 January 2022 Update

Windows 10 64bit (USB 3.0 Power Delivery)
Sinne Eeg: We’ve Just Begun (FLAC 24/9.6 kHZ)
Diana Krall: The Look of Love (FLAC 24/9.6 kHZ)

Headphone 1: Fostex T40RP MK3 (91db, 50 Ohm, VE SDIC BAL Cable)
Headphone 2: Beyerdynamic DT880 (96db, 600 Ohm, VE SDIC BAL Cable)

iFi ZEN DAC V2 + ZEN Can (4.4mm BAL 15.1 Vrms, 3780mW combined)
Fostex T40RP MK3 Vol 40/100 Gain Stage 2 of 4
Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm. Vol 35/100 Gain Stage 2 of 4

CEntrance DACport HD (3.5mm SE 4.1 Vrms, 775mW combined)
Vol 44/100 High Gain (T40RP MK3)
Vol 50/100 High Gain (DT880)

  • Performs 98% to ZEN Stack output, overall
  • Both exhibited similar analogue organic signature. Polished, crisp and smooth
  • Both equally great with macro and micro details
  • Both practically on par with technicalities

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($179.00)

Best Pairing: Anything

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My Endgame in one pic, Shure KSE1500 + DACport HD
Majestic pairing with 7Hz Timeless Magnetic Planar

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    • Thanks l. Unfortunately DACport HD has already all been sold out as of May-June this year and CEntrance is not making new ones. Instead, you can still get iFi Go Bar or Cayin RU6, both being similarly tuned with analogue and organic sound, but of course Go Bar has more power to stretch further down the line. Cheers


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