DAC Chip: Realtek ALC5686
PCM 32bit – 384kHz, DNR: -110db, Power: 1 Vrms, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: YES), Metal Chassis & SPC Cable




  • Reference grade, crisp balanced neutral flat timbre, mildly euphonic
  • Vibrant and coherent dynamics, full bodied with smooth presentation
  • Exceedingly well nuanced Micro and Macro details, very transparent
  • Balanced Mids with detailed textures and definition, naturally toned Male/Female vocals
  • Sparkly Treble with crisp smooth decays, great extensions
  • Smooth impactful Mid-Bass, tight, fast with crisp decays
  • Sub-Bass with tingling seismic response, natural decays.
  • Crisp and vivid guitars, piano, percussions (chimes, bells) and drums and taps
  • Amazing holographic spatial imaging with sharp precise placement/layers
  • Amazing speed and dexterity on complex passages and transients
  • Super clean background, zero floor noises
  • Super clean layers and well-defined separation lines
  • Drives Magnetic Planars and BA at 80/100 volume, great fidelity
  • Excellent synergy with many type of IEMs/HPs
  • Forgiving on Lo-Fi and lower quality sources
  • Low battery drain on the host
  • Does not heat up easily


  • Driving power for great fidelity maxed out below 100Ω and with no less than 90db sensitivity.
  • A bit flatter sounding sometimes compared to the top 3 performers
  • No volume adjuster


Avani. After extensive listening sessions with all of my regular equipment, I drew conclusion that Xumee/Avani shared the exact OEM Realtek ALC5686 DAC Chip internally as ZOOAUX 1st Gen, from the same factory, but finished and packaged under different brand for Amazon only release (Xumee and ZOOAUX). It makes perfect sense as they are in similar form factor despite different exterior cosmetics. There’s no sonic differences that I observed between the three. Automatically Avani ranks identical to ZOOAUX/Xumee. I have also verified this using TTGK Android app to inspect the hardware element and specifications, Xumee and Avani practically identical.

⭐⭐⭐⭐½ ($5.00)

Best Pairing: Flexible for anything less demanding under 100Ω

1st Release on VEClan Online Shop
Avani Prototype 00
Serving as AUX for Shure KSE1500 beautifully

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3 responses to “Avani”

    • in my opinion yes, it can drive the s12 but not to the full potential. The 7hz 71 probably will be the better choice or iBasso DC03 Pro is literally banger for the bucks


  1. Hey Andy, was curious about this one as I wanted to try the ALC5686 flavour, currently it’s warming up/ ‘burning’ to Lee Ritenour’s 6 String Theory and powering the ‘casual listening’ Senn HD 569 via S9 …but what is this I hear…?? Impressive soundstage. Shocked again. . And all of the above points in your review. Thanks again for making life fun yet cost effective!

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