ARKTek Type-C

DAC Chip: Undisclosed
PCM 24bit-48khz, SNR: Undisclosed, Power: Unspecified, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: Yes), Metal Chassis & OFC Cable



  • Clear neutral flat timbre with mild Mids hump
  • Mild dynamics with airy presentation
  • Commendable Macro details retrieval
  • Strong Mids with good textures and definition, natural toned Male/Female vocals
  • Treble is crisp but not overly bright
  • Smooth Mid-Bass, fast decays
  • Crisp and vivid guitars, piano & percussions
  • Decent sized soundstage width and breadth
  • Good spatial imaging with proper placement/layers
  • Decent speed and dexterity on complex passages and transients
  • Excellent synergy with DD and BA (below 36Ω)


  • Driving power outright weak (100/100 for driving Magnetic Planars)
  • Not great on Lo-Fi or poorly encoded sources
  • Slightly grainy edged Treble decays
  • Very mild Sub-Bass responses
  • Does NOT work with iOS (iPhone)
  • Amazon only release


ARKTek Type-C. Nothing much to be said about this unit. It is average sounding at best. Slightly dry. Timbre and tonality wise it is neutral with mild dynamics.

Not to be used with anything demanding. Even with my ER4SR at 45 Ohm the sound is lean and dry. Same with VE Asura, occasionally exhibiting Mids honky bumps on vocals and Mid-Bass responses.

Synergize well with HZSOUND Heart Mirror and Moondrop Aria. Finally no longer lean sounding. Bass responses audibly thicker bodied but not as fast as how I like it. Aria Bass body mass gets even wider, but not as fast similar to Heart Mirror scenario. Mids and vocals sounded very intimate for a natively U-Curved Aria. Surprisingly Treble is crisper now as well.

Will not work with iPhone (even with MFi certified adapters like ddHiFi TC28i)

⭐⭐⭐ ($9.20)

Best Pairing: IEMs between 8 to 32Ω

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