Apple Type-C

DAC Chip: Apple (Single)
PCM Undisclosed, SNR: Unspecified, Power: Unspecified, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: Yes), Plastic Chassis with Short Cable



  • Natural timbre with balanced tonality, pleasantly organic
  • Vibrant dynamics, well controlled and engaging.
  • Lush Mids with crisp Male and Female vocals
  • Crisp Treble with commendable textures, snappy decays
  • Commanding and fast Mid-Bass with ample punch and textures
  • Sub-Bass is present and with good seismic feedback.
  • Surprisingly good details retrieval with proper nuances
  • Spacious and open soundstage with decent imaging, great layering
  • Sounds best with EBM and modern music.
  • Great speed and transients handling, no congestion observed.
  • Great resistances to sibilance
  • Very forgiving on source quality (but also less transparent)


  • Slightly grainy edged for Treble decays
  • Dull edged extensions for Treble and Percussions
  • Exceedingly meek driving capability due to Android SRC limitations
  • The build seems very flimsy with the data cable being very thin.
  • Mids focused and somewhat recessed highs and lows, rolled off slightly shorter.


Apple Type-C. In all fairness this Apple Type-C is a decent dongle with natural sense of sound that is not compressed and artificial. The Achilles heel for this unit is when you plug it directly to a stock Android phone. To unlock the full potential, you will need to switch to nerd mode and work it up with UAPP. However, I already stated that I don’t use UAPP as I prefer stock user experience and if a similarly priced dongle can do the job out of the box without tweaking then it is obvious to me that using Apple Type-C is not practical. To make things worse, there are several similarly priced dongles that perform on 4 stars rating level and this further made it even more difficult to appraise the Apple unit.

I was only able to do this impressions with my HZSOUND Heart Mirror (80/100 Volume) which is so easy to drive and synergize. The Tin HiFi P1 and Etymotic ER2XR was not even usable at 100/100 volume with everything sounded distant and recessed.

⭐⭐⭐ ($12.00)

Best Pairing: Anything below 32 Ohm and no less than 105db of sensitivity

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