AuxLink HIFI Pro

DAC Chip: Conexant (Synaptics) CX21988
PCM 24bit – 96kHz, SNR: Undisclosed, Power: Undisclosed, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: YES), Metal Chassis & OFC Cable



Exactly identical to ZOOAUX 2nd GEN and KINSOUND


  • Reference grade, crisp balanced neutral flat timbre, mildly euphonic
  • Vibrant and coherent dynamics, full bodied with smooth presentation
  • Exceedingly well nuanced Micro and Macro details, very transparent
  • Balanced Mids with detailed textures and definition, naturally toned Male/Female vocals
  • Sparkly Treble with crisp smooth decays, great extensions
  • Smooth impactful Mid-Bass, tight, fast with crisp decays
  • Sub-Bass with tingling seismic response, natural decays.
  • Crisp and vivid guitars, piano, percussions (chimes, bells) and drums and taps
  • Amazing holographic spatial imaging with sharp precise placement/layers
  • Amazing speed and dexterity on complex passages and transients
  • Super clean background, zero floor noises
  • Super clean layers and well-defined separation lines
  • Drives Magnetic Planars and BA at 80/100 volume, great fidelity
  • Excellent synergy with many type of IEMs/HPs
  • Forgiving on Lo-Fi and lower quality sources
  • Low battery drain on the host
  • Does not heat up easily


  • Limited to 24bit/48kHz Max resolution
  • Driving power for great fidelity maxed out below 100Ω and with no less than 90db sensitivity.
  • A bit dry sounding compared to the top 3 performers
  • No volume adjuster


After spending almost a week listening to this unit, without a doubt it is exactly identical sounding to ZOOAUX 2nd GEN and KINSOUND Dongles. And they should sound the same because internally they are identical to each other. Not a surprise at all since it is a lot easier for different brands now to obtain OEM CX DACs and package them differently. What must be acknowledged, just like ZOOAUX Gen 2 and KINSOUND, AuxLink HIFI Pro offers great sound in a very affordable package. That alone makes it a worthy purchase for casual usage and listening.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($8.00)

Best Pairing: Flexible for anything less demanding under 100Ω

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