About Me

This rabbit hole of portable audio obsession of mine started back in 2006. Since then, I have been active in the scene, trying out this and that. What remained consistent until today, I am firmly rooted to portability and will use my portable rig almost all the time even at home. After 2010 things slowed down and I wasn’t as active until recently when Covid 19 brought humanity to a standstill. So began the lifestyle of confinement that we all endured and for me, it gave me the excuses I needed to delve back again into this addictive rabbit hole. So here I am, not being able to do vacations and stuffs like that. To fill the void, I find myself gradually and steadily piling up interesting portable audio gears in the pursuit of sonic nirvana to melt my brains. I am based in Malaysia, these are my adventures and some of the gears that I have acquired recently.

Facebook Email: andyaudiovault@gmail.com Head-Fi: OspreyAndy
Osprey Avani, Templar of Mara, Stonefalls. Ashlander Dark Elf, Saint-Veloth

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